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Filters and Subsets

Speedscale can filter recorded traffic to prevent it from leaving your cluster. This is called a Filter and it works on the principle of exclusion. Speedscale can also create a subset of traffic for analysis and visualization. This is called a Subset and it works on the principle of inclusion.

Both Filters and Subsets have the same semantics and JSON structure. The only difference is that for subsets, the include parameter is set to true and for filters it is set to false.

Creating a Subset of traffic

Traffic is selected using the Subset selector at the top of the traffic viewer. As you add criteria, the subset of traffic will be narrowed down. When you have the traffic you want, you can save it as a Snapshot.

Filtering before capture

When viewing traffic in the Traffic Viewer, you can also create a filter that can be applied to the forwarder to prevent data matching that criteria from being sent to Speedscale. Common uses of this feature are filtering out montoring heartbeats, PINGs and other noise.


If you need to redact certain fields such as authorization headers or PII, you can do this using the Data Loss Prevention. This is useful for when you still want to capture the traffic and replay it but not let API keys or other sensitive information leave your cluster.