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Use this guide to upgrade the Speedscale operator in your cluster to the latest version.

Update speedctl

You will need to get the latest speedctl client to perform the upgrade:

speedctl update

Perform Upgrade

Your process for upgrading depends on how you manage your Kubernetes environments.

  • Run the Upgrade Wizard
  • GitOps

If you use speedctl to manage your enviroment, you may begin the upgrade wizard, which will replace your Speedscale Operator with the latest version.

speedctl upgrade operator


Once your deployment has been upgraded, run the following to ensure the Speedscale control plane is healthy:

speedctl check operator

Restart Sidecars

After an upgrade the next step is to restart your services to get the latest version of the Speedscale goproxy sidecar. The easiest way to do this is to run a rolling deploy, allowing the Speedscale operator to inject the latest version of the proxy as they come up.

kubectl -n <namespace> rollout restart deploy

Add Speedscale to Workloads

You can now install Speedscale on new workloads. You may use the speedctl install wizard, or a GitOps tool.