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Sidecar Installation

The Speedscale sidecar, goproxy, is used to collect data from an existing application.

Install Wizard

The easiest way to add the sidecar to your pod and start gaining visibility is through the install wizard. The additional steps here provide instructions for manually instrumenting your services, which is necessary when manifests are sourced from version control for example.

Add the Sidecar Annotation to Your Deployment

Please ensure the Kubernetes Operator is running in your cluster before moving on.

Select the workload (daemonset, deployment, statefulset, job or replicaset) you'd like to monitor and add the following annotation:

annotations: "true"

That's it. Next time you deploy you can check the pods with get pods.

kubectl -n <namespace> get pods

You should notice your container count increases by one and data should be flowing.

NAME                            READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
carts-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxx 2/2 Running 0 38d

By default, the Speedscale init container starts after any existing init containers in the workload.

Remove the Sidecar from Your Deployment

If you already have the sidecar installed, but you need for it to be removed, you may either set the annotation to false, or remove it:

annotations: "false"

After deploying or patching your deployment, you should notice your container count decrease by one and the sidecar is no longer attached.