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Speedscale with Argo Rollouts

Argo Rollouts are a popular way to gain more control over application deployment in Kubernetes but their design requires special consideration when used in conjunction with Speedscale.


Please ensure the Kubernetes Operator is running in your cluster before moving on.

One of the primary selling points of a rollout is the ability to perform a partial deployment, promote it forward, or roll it back if it doesn't work. We respect your choice to maintain this control and for that reason all rollout modifications through Speedscale will require an extra step on your part to fully promote the change.

From the Speedscale web app click on Add service and select your cluster configuration.


Once the sidecar has been added to the rollout the sidecar will be added to some pods. The status on the wizard will spin until the rollout has been promoted.


Verify changes and promote the rollout to apply to the rest of the pods:

kubectl argo rollouts get rollout <rollout-name>
kubectl argo rollouts promote <rollout-name>

The status on the wizard should complete and send a test request.


To uninstall the sidecar on an argo rollout, do the following.

Modify the following annotation to the rollout, setting it to false:

annotations: "false"

Depending on how your rollout is configured, it may not immediately change. In order to force it to change, you can add an annotation like this and your should see the rollout cycle and your sidecar is removed.

now=$(date) && kubectl patch rollout rollouts-demo -p '{"spec": {"template": {"metadata": {"annotations": {"": "'$now'"}}}}}' --type merge