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The speedctl command line tool is used to interact with Speedscale from your own terminal. speedctl is the Speedscale programmable API and the primary way to perform setup actions like installing the Speedscale Operator, generating manifests, etc.


Start by installing speedctl the Speedscale CLI-based API via Homebrew:

brew install speedscale/tap/speedctl

Or via the install script:

sh -c "$(curl -Lfs"


If this is your first time downloading speedctl initialization may happen automatically. Otherwise bootstrap your local environment:

speedctl init

You will need to get your API key from your Profile Page. Copy the API key and paste when prompted.

Verify Installation

Verify your installation:

speedctl check


After installing the Speedscale Operator, the quickest way to experience what Speedscale has to offer is via the demo command.

speedctl demo

This command will deploy a demo workload, create a snapshot and run replays so that you can get a head start without having to instrument your own apps.