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The goals section allows you to define what a successful test run looks like. If any of the goals defined are triggered the report will fail. If the report fails as a part of your CI/CD integration your pipeline may stop so when using Speedscale in CI/CD ensure your goals are set properly

The UI contains hints explaining the different metrics.


Let's create a useful example for our application.


Reports run with this test config will fail if any of the metrics defined are true when the replay completes.

Any location 50% latency > 500msMost users should have a fast experience with responses less than 500 ms.
/cart location 95% latency > 3000msThe cart is especially important and the majority of users should get a response in less than 3 seconds.
/cart location 99% latency > 5000msVirtually all users should see a cart response within 5 seconds or we risk them clicking away, losing the company money.
/payment transactions > 1This replay should contain at least one call to the /payment endpoint to ensure it's tested.
successful assertions < 99%Of the assertions being run, basically all of them should pass.
TPS < 30There is a business requirement that my application can handle at least 30 transactions per second.