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Changed Annotations

Sidecar Annotations

Operator v2 makes changes to the set of annotations applied. Some annotations are removed or renamed.

AnnotationStateDescription un-inject the Speedscale proxy from a workload, set to false direct replacement for this annotation. Status is now tracked in a TrafficReplay Custom Resource direct replacement outbound TLS interception. Defaults to false if not present. acts as a replacement, and will implicitly enable TLS interception on inbound traffic. the CPU limit for Speedscales proxy sidecar the CPU request for Speedscales proxy sidecar the memory limit for Speedscales proxy sidecar the memory request for Speedscales proxy sidecar

Replay Annotations

The subdomain was changed to See below for more detailed changes.

AnnotationStateDescription the name of the TrafficReplay Custom Resource tied to a currently running replay for this workload. Additionally, possible values are changed and this is no longer boolean. New values are: inventory, all or none. Defaults to inventory if annotation is not present. inventory instructs the operator to clean up all objects related to Speedscale's replay of traffic once finished (such as ConfigMaps, traffic generators, collectors, responders, and related infrastructure), as well as reverting changes made to the workload. all instructs the operator to clean up all objects as well as the workload under test (such as a Deployment, Job, DaemonSet, or StatefulSet). none instructs the operator to not do anything with replay resources once a replay is finished. This annotation is no longer required. Defaults to standard if annotation is not present. by a timeout for a replay. Ignored when replay mode is responder-only new annotation responder-only replaces this annotation new annotation generator-only replaces this annotation the mode for replaying. Possible values: full-replay - instructs the operator to deploy both the generator and responder components and make changes to the workload (such as adding responder host aliases), responder-only - deploys on the responder components and makes changes to the workload (such as adding responder host aliases), generator-only - deploys on the generator, makes no changes to the workload

The operator will remove all listed replay annotations from the workload during admission review and move them into an associated TrafficReplay Custom Resource. This prevents side effects such as the operator observing and executing the same replay after it has finished. It also allows subsequent runs of the same replay by applying the same manifests, or incorporating the annotations into a GitOps workflow.

Common Annotations

These annotations are common across workloads and Speedscale's Custom Resources.

AnnotationDescriptionSupported Values the operator to skip processing of this workload regardless of any other Speedscale annotations. Changes made to a workload manually AFTER this annotation was added won’t be reverted by the operator.Boolean
Default: false that this workload has a sidecar injected AND/OR replay running. (SUT stands for System Under Test)Boolean name of the operator instance which manages this workload or TrafficReplay CR. This is to prevent race conditions in cases where multiple Speedscale operators are installed to different namespaces.String
Sourced from INSTANCE_ID var in the operator’s ConfigMap