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Install Wizard


The fastest and most reliable way to install Speedscale components is using the speedctl install wizard.

kubectl create namespace speedscale
speedctl install operator

Answer the wizard's questions to install the Speedscale Operator and instrument your service with Speedscale.

Adding Image Pull Secrets

If you need custom image pull secrets (for example, if you're rehosting Speedscale images in a dedicated registry), you may provide one or more secret names with the --imgpullsecrets argument, and the secrets will be attached to the service account.

speectl install --imgpullsecrets my-secret1,my-secret2p


After installing the Speedscale Operator, the quickest way to experience what Speedscale has to offer is via the demo command.

speedctl demo

This command will deploy a demo workload, create a snapshot and run replays so that you can get a head start without having to instrument your own apps.