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jwt_resign re-signs an existing JWT token. The original algorithm is honored. This transform works with both request tokens (generator created) and response tokens (responder created).

  • If the nbf claim is defined in the token, then it is set to 10/10/2015
  • The exp set to now+2 days
  • The iat claim set to now (current time)


"type": "jwt_resign"
secretPathThe local path of secret mounted to generator (this is done automatically by the operator. See howto). If working in Kubernetes, you can specify a secret using this format: ${{secret:secret_name/key_inside_the_secret}}
iss(optional) A replacement for iss value
aud(optional) A replacement for aud value
sub(optional) A replacement for sub value
claims(optional) key/val pairs to be overwritten into claims map (key1=val1,key2=val2)
prefixes(optional) prefixes to accept before JWT (defaults to "Bearer "). Don't forget the space at the end if it is present.


"type": "jwt_resign",
"config": {
"iss": "new value",
"aud": "new value",
"sub": new value",
"secretPath": "local path of secret mounted to generator",
"claims": "key1=val1",
"prefixes": "Bearer ,myBearer "