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New Relic

Export data from your Speedscale environment to New Relic One


In order to utilize the integration you need to capture the following from New Relic:

A best practice is to save these keys into environment variables like so:

export NR_ACCOUNT_ID=0

Quickstart Documentation

Add these Speedscale dashboards into your New Relic account by installing the quickstart as part of the Instant Observability integration:

Exporting Data

Now you can select a specific report and export it using speedctl:

export SPD_REPORT_ID=0
speedctl export newrelic ${SPD_REPORT_ID} --accountId ${NR_ACCOUNT_ID} --insightsKey ${NR_INSIGHTS_KEY}
✔ done

After you have exported the report, you should see it in the New Relic Dashboard.


Feel free to ask questions in the New Relic Explorer's Hub: